Guilds of Critias

Adventurer’s Guild

  • Lead by James Burke – Half-Orc Male; 35 years old
  • All adventurers must check in with the Guild within 12 hours or spend three days in jail
  • Adventurers can stay at the guild free of charge for 2 weeks; after that it is 30 silver/night
  • Allows easy access to jobs and rumors
  • Adventurers are responsible for property damage
  • The Adventurer’s Guild will buy and sell almost any items from Adventurers
  • Members of the Adventurer’s Guild get a variety of benefits for 75 silver per month including:
  1. Legal Services for free when needed
  2. Prisoner Detention Available
  3. 25% Discount on all Items available for sale
  4. Access to Storage Area
  5. Information on the latest rumors, dungeons, monsters, and treasure

The Order

  • Lead by Locarh
  • Regulates the price and creation of magic items
  • All arcane and natural magic users must register with the Order
  • Those who don’t register are considered Renegades and killed on sight
  • The Order will also destroy any magic item they deem too powerful
  • Members of the Order receive access to:
  1. The Order’s Library
  2. The Order’s Research Labs
  3. The Order’s Protection when needed

The Mockers

  • Lead by the Upright Man (Thomas Barazyk)
  • Keep the thieves in Critias in line
  • Offer “protection” to a chosen few in exchange for favors and money
  • Speaking of the protection will have it removed
  • Anyone can join the guild, assignments will be based on skills
  • Members of the Mockers gain the benefits of:
  1. Ability to fence items though the Mockers
  2. A Defense/Breakout fund that can be set up in case of the worst
  3. Alibi/Witness Hiring
  4. Protection Program

Council of Faith

  • Currently lead by Father Carimon, Cleric of Yujon
  • One Priest from each Church sits on the council
  • Each year, the Council choices its leader by secret ballot
  • The Leader on the Council sits on the Senate to represent the Council
  • No Faith may be denied a seat on the Council
  • Benefits for Council vary on the Church the cleric belongs to.

The Merchant Princes

  • Not really a guild, but a gathering of the most powerful merchants in Critias
  • There are currently six members of the Princes
  • They work to control prices and supplies
  • They are not a cohesive group, but instead a group working for mutual self-interest
  • The members of this group will work against each other as often as they work with each other
  • No one can join this “guild”, but instead must be invited into the fold

The Union

  • Lead by Katherine Tanglao
  • Represents all of the skilled laborers in Critias
  • Works to maintain fair wages for all workers
  • If one group of laborers goes on strike, every type of laborer will go on strike

The Black Brigade

  • Lead by Blok
  • Guild for freelance mercenaries
  • 25 silver per month to join the Black Brigade
  • Helps members get mercenary jobs
  • Membership grants:
  1. Access to the mercenary gym
  2. Access to rent weapons for a limited time

Guilds of Critias

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