Government of Critias

The Monarchy
- The current King is Natros DaVanos
- The Reagent is the King’s brother, Mlik DeVanos
- Other than the heir to the throne, the King has no other living relatives.
- The Queen, Dalnas DeVanos, died in a plague ten years ago.

The Senate
The Senate consists of twenty-members and are made up of three parts.

Senatus Populi
Eight of the Senators are voted on by the people

  • The island of Critias is divided into eight Districts
  • Each District votes a member into the Senatus Populi
  • The term of each Senator is six years
  • Elections are in six months

The current Senatus Populi consists of:
Dawn Kensington
o Career Politician
o 6th Term
o District 3
o Human Female; 57 years old

Votax Strand
o Career Politician
o 4th Term
o District 8
o Undine Male; 50 years old

Michael Kord
o Carpenter
o 1st Term
o District 4
o Half-Elf Male; 100 years old

Cerse Dracno
o Career Politician
o 8th Term
o District 6
o Dwarf Female; 390 years old

Dinah Nakor
o Career Politician
o 5th Term
o District 1
o Infrit Female; 50 years old

Monroe Trask
o Solider
o 1st Term
o District 7
o Oread Male; 35 years old

Gordan Culbors
o Replacement for his wife, Julia, who passed away six months ago
o 1st Term
o District 2
o Undine Male; 67 years old

Jean Winters
o Career Politician
o 9th Term
o District 5
o Elf Male; 425 years old

Senatus de Filiis
Six Senators are appointed by the Guilds

  • These seats are referred to as the
  • Each of the recognized Guild get one Senator
  • The appointees can be changed at anytime
  • The current Senatus de Filiis consists of:

o Current Leader of the Council of Faith
o The Leader of the Council always sits on the Senate
o Cleric of Ezara
o Male Half-Orc; 37 years old

Mycroft Tolso
o Representative of the Adventurer’s Guild
o Has served for ten years
o Hobgoblin Male; 38 years old

o Representative of the Order
o Has served for six years
o Drow Female; 369 years old

Shilo Talon
o Representative of the Merchant Princes
o Has served for two years
o Human Male; 34 years old

William Ramee
o Representative of the Union
o Has served for eight years
o Dwarf Male; 270 years old

Obtan Strongwind
o Representative of the Black Brigade
o Has served for three years
o Halfling Male; 32 years old

Senatus Regis
The last six Senators are appointed by the King

  • Each Senator is handpicked by the King and serve at his pleasure
  • The King may change any of these members at anytime

General Arthur Wolf
o Commander of Critias military
o Human Male; 54 years old

Master Raygar Nohr
o Kingdom Historian
o Male Aasimar; 87 years old

Justice Benjamin Worth
o Keeper of Laws
o Male Orc; 44 years old

Commander Robyn Ackermann
o Captain of the City Watch
o Female Half-Elf; 110 years old

Thomas Barazyk
o A Friend of the King
o Human Male; 39 years old

Darlington Blade
o Archmage
o Male Tiefling; 76 years old

Government of Critias

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