Gods of Ornam


The Gods of Ornam are divided into three groups. The first “group” is only one god – Rao. He is the father of all the other Gods and can make his presence felt anywhere he chooses. Though for his own reasons, he rarely interfered with any of his children or the mortal races.

Maior Gods
The second group of Gods is called the Maior Gods. These Gods were brought into being directly by Rao. They have large areas of influence and tend to guard those areas jealously.

  • Navon: God of the Elements;
    Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water
  • Jocen: God of Intellience
    Domains: Knowledge, Law, and Rune
  • Khan: God of Afterlife
    Domains: Death, Healing, Repose

Iuvenes Gods
These Gods were created to look after the races that Rao created in the beginning. The least powerful of the gods, these gods each picked an island to shelter and protect. These Gods are neither good or evil, possessing a duality that allows them to be truly neutral.

  • Critias: God of Freedom and Anarchy
    Domains: Liberation, Good, Evil
  • Toso: God of Cities and Forests
    Domains: Community, Plant, Animal
  • Ezara: God of Light and Dark
    Domains: Light, Darkness, Travel
  • Zecat: God of Diplomacy and Conflict
    Domains: Nobility, War, Glory
  • Witea: God of Power and Wits
    Domains: Strength, Trickery, Charm,
  • Lanvos: God and Arcana
    Domains: Artifice, Magic, Luck
  • Qinen: God of Creation and Destruction
    Domains: Weather, Destruction, Protection

Gods of Ornam

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