Welcome to Ornam, the island home of the gods.

In the beginning, after he brought creation, his children, and their children into existence, Rao – the All-father – looked upon what he had wrought and decided that he and his new family needed a home. Reaching out, he touched the water and created Ornam. He filled the islands with animals and sea life, then settled on the largest of the islands, and gave the rest to his family to with as they wished.

The Maior Gods (Navon, Jacen, and Khan), Rao’s direct children and the most powerful of the Gods, decided they needed life that would worship them and sing their praises; thus humans, elves, and dwarves came into beings.

Unfortunately, life on the islands was not easy for the newly created races. When Rao saw this, he created a third set of gods know as the the Iuvenes Gods (Critias, Toso, Ezara, Zecat, Witea, Lanvos, and Qinen) to care for these races. Each God was given an island took protect and nurture and for their kindness, the inhabitants of the islands named for the God that protected it and took that God as it’s patron God.

Today, the islands live in peace and prosperity, as trade and commerce flow between them. Each is ruled by its own form of government and once every five years, the leaders of each government gather on the Island of Rao for a week-long council to discuss the various issues that face the islands. The only time the Grand Council meets other than that is when the leader of one of the islands passes and when then happens, the Grand Council lasts for six months as treaties need to be renegotiated. Now, the leaders of two of the islands – Zecat and Qinen – have passed and been replaced. So a year-long Grand Council has called so that the new leaders may be introduced to the others and relationships reestablished.

Normally, when a Grand Council is convening, the King of Critias – King Natros DeVanos – would simply leave his brother, Reagent Malik DeVanos, in charge. However, given the length of the Council, King DeVanos has decided to recall his heir from adventuring to watch over Critias during the Council.

This is where you come in. One of you is the heir to the throne and the rest of you are the heir’s friends and adventuring cohorts that have come to Critias as the heir’s advisers.